Amman Performing Arts Center

08_0515_APAC_sitePlan_CRole: Project Designer  -  Location: New York City, NY  -  COMPETITION WINNER

The site is located in the heart of the city, and is a part of the ambitious goal that Amman Municipality is planning to complete by 2011. Surrounded by evolving civic, public institutions as well as ancient relics like the Roman amphitheatre, the aim is to integrate the new Amman Performing Arts Center with both the old fabric of the city as well as the other new developments. Located between the primary east and west developments of the city center, the site minimizes the gap between these two parts of the city, through design and designated activities, into one unified and harmonic urban fabric that becomes the greater Amman.

The Urban Strategy was to AmmanPAC_RampPlazamaximize the open space area on the western side of the site, therefore the mass of the new building was pushed deep into the eastern extension of the site to allow for a bigger public plaza in front. The plaza is seen as a catalyst for activity on the site as well as a nexus for the GAM strip. A diagonal underpass was proposed between the GAM strip and the grand plaza.

water+plaza final 2The Formal Strategy was in keeping with the architectural approach which was inspired by the Monument of Petra, an artificial sanctuary in the ancient city of Petra. The principle of “fluid erosion” and “carving” was applied to the groundplane to articulate the public spaces surrounding the building. Topographic considerations of the groundplane aim to deliniate space and facilitate orientation. One of these is how the surface of the public plaza gently rises to meet the foyer.  The cascade of steps that flow down the steep slope just behind the building serves to bridge the east and west adjacencies to the site.
Local stones were the chosen paving material and Date Palm, Almond, and Olive trees which are native to the region were selected.  Jordan’s official national flower, The Black Iris will be a planted feature that reinforces the cultural empAmmanPAC_Foresthasis of the project.Print

Balmori Associates team includes- Project Manager: Mark Thomann, Project Designer: Alice Feng  /  commissioned by Zaha Hadid Architects

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