Central Open Space M.A.C.

Macos_MainShotRole: Designer  -  Location: New City, South Korea  -  COMPETITION FINALIST

image by balmori associates

10 Li Park evolves from the overlay and intersection of two forms of open space: the central ring and the linear loop. The central ring is a vast space for recreation, cultural experience and nature, while the linear loop spins off the ring to climb the nearby mountains and stretch out along the river. They form the foundation from which the park grows, organically, in tandem with the city around it.

The 10 Li Ring is vast and horizontal, a sublime and powerful landscape of emptiness and openness with expansive views. As an expression and abstraction of the li, a traditional Korean unit of measurement, the Ring is a bold statement at the interface between the historic and the modern, the natural and the constructed. Within the Ring, the rice fields are preserved and given new life as productive works of experiential art. They form a surreal and beautiful landscape that shifts dramatically with each season, yet also generate funds for park maintenance through rice sales. Along the Ring are the three museums, porous structures that stitch themselves itself into the cultural and physical fabric of the park, bridging the gap between public and private, building and landscape, art and everyday life.

Macos_FireflyTMacos_LowTidehe Li-near Loop spins out of the Ring, weaving through the site to create and unite various and far-flung nodes of activity along its length. It is the primary circulation path and the main line in the park’s succession and growth. All program and park spaces develop out of this loop in time as nodes along the spine that can vary in size, function, and aesthetic. From large and monumental sites to small, hidden treasures, the Li-near Loop offers a variety of experiences for those exploring off the path. By routing cars through a tunnel under the levee and thickening surface width, the levee becomes part of the Li-near Loop, an accessible and elevated public space that provides a seamless transition from river to Ring.

Balmori Associates Team includes- Project Manager: Sangmok Kim;  Designers: Alice Feng, Johanna Phelps, Kira Appelhans, Joowon Kim  /  in collaboration with Joel Sanders Architects  /  commissioned work by MAD Architects


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