BBVA Headquarters


Role: Project Designer  -  Location: Madrid, Spain  -  COMPETITION FINALIST

Our team was one of the two finalist in a bid to design the new headquarters of the leading financial group in Spain. Working with Zaha Hadid Architects and the concept of speed, our landscape proposal empahsized the linearity and movement of the building design in a cohesive banding of planted and paved areas that fillet and constrict in reaction to the built environment.  The initial reasoning behind the conecpt of speed is consistent with BBVA’s goals of technology and progress.

The Linear Bands that BBVA_quadmake up the design of the landscape were thought of primarily in three different typologies: line bypass object, line, as object, and line as field. Planting was approached also with the introduction of four typologies that aim to define the character of the space within the sites and help to define programmatic conditions. Using the different formal and planting typologies were were able to create varied spaces throught the ground level as well as rooftop garden spaces so that the design had playful suprise while still working as a cohesive whole.BBVA_LinearScheme

Topographical shifts in the groundplane help to furthur define the different areas within the office park. As the linear bands peel away and bifurcate, exterior elements such as seating areas, tables, and enclosures are created as moments of rest within the matrix of speed that makes up the site.  Efforts to maintain a dialogue between the interior and exterior allowed for the formal and planting elements in the landscape to penetrate into the interior atriums and lobbies of the buildings and blurr the boundaries between inside and outside.



Balmori Associates team includes- Project Manager: Mark Thomann, Project Designers: Alice Feng, Angela Soong  /  commissioned by Zaha Hadid Architects

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