Hudson Park + Boulevard

HudsonYards_BigBlockStreetRole: Designer  -  Location: New York City, NY  -  COMPETITION FINALIST

image by WorkAC


image by balmori associates

The design conceptualized a series of vibrant and varied urban spaces that would act as a dynamic icon. The heart of the study was to be an extraordinary experience featuring, as its focus, a series of ‘Super City Parks’. The overall precinct consisted of active and passive programs, built and open spaces, likely sponsored through both public and private development. New pieces of cities such as the Wild West Side neighborhood and the Low Line were introduced as locales of living systems that make the city part of a new nature. This nature consists of living creatures and their environment made into one, where the new city parts work like parts of nature. This proposal creates a piece of city which saves water, harnesses the sun’s power, cleans air and water through vegetation not only on the ground but in the roofs and walls of surrounding buildings.
Ultimately, the West Side of Manhattan is to be transformed into a seamless integration of the urban realm and the new development, a platform for urban rebirth.


image by balmori associates


image by balmori associates

Balmori Associates team includes- Project Manager: Kira Appelhans, Designers:Alice Feng, Angela Soong, Marta Rabazo, Annie Phaosawasdi, Monica Hernandez, Heather Kilmer  /  in collaboration with WorkAC Architects  /  commissioned work from Fritz Haeg

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